World Halal Day

A message from World Halal Council

The World Halal Day for Muslim Ummah!
World Halal Day 17th of Ramadan-i Sharif

Ramadan Mubarak to all of you with your families. I wish 17 th  Ramadan World Halal Day
leads resurgence of humanity, give up rebellion against Allah, and live with Halal and
Tayyib products. We hope World Halal Day contributes to remind us sinking into oblivion

halal morsel responsibility, turning our life into a Halal way. We announce World Halal Day as a gift to all Ummah as World Halal Council members.
World Halal Day is celebrated in order to increase our Halal consciousness, awareness and to reach large masses.
How has World Halal Day determined?

Esteemed Ulamas declared that the first ayah on Halal was Ayah 69 of Sura Anfal (8:69).
This ayah was revealed in 17th Ramadan in 624 (A.H. 2) during (or after) Battle of Badr, the first battle between Islam and kufr.
“So consume what you have taken of war booty [as being] lawful and good, and fear Allah. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.” (8:69)
Man is formed by what he eats. This means there is a direct relation between the body and the spirit and what the person is nurtured with. If one eats Halal and Tayyib, his body and spirit will be healthy, both physically and mentally. If we want Tayyib (good, nice), we have to be careful to earn from Halal way and eat and consume Halal and Tayyib products. May Allah shower His blessings on us.

Previous World Halal Day Activities
1-) Opening 8 Halal stands in various points in Istanbul and make announcements of “World Halal Day” publicly. These will be hosted by Halal Dunya Market.
2-) Opening 17 similar Halal points in Istanbul, Adana, Adapazarı, Erzurum, Konya, Bolu, Ankara, Kocaeli, Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Osmaniye, Gebze, Kırıkkale, Kahramanmaraş, Kütahya, Trabzon, Batman, Aydın, Bartın, Malatya, Denizli, Nizip, Isparta Halal Donya Markets around and make announcements of World Halal Day publicly. Various seminars, conferences, panels will be organized with the cooperation of nongovernmental organizations.
3) GIMDES organizes iftar program for 300 people.
4) GIMDES Youth Organization will prepare stickers of World Halal Day and distribute them.
5) GIMDES will send celebration cards by post and by email to all youth organizations, NGOs, Media and Halal certified companies.
6) Using Twitter, Facebook and similar social media for celebration and announcement of World Halal Day.
7) Distributing flyers and booklets in several shopping malls and centers of Istanbul

Due to coronavirus restrictions, unfortunately, these collective events had to be cancelled in this year. Therefore, we plan to provide 5000 box Ramadan food aid to the people in need, especially to Syrian brothers and sisters living in tents.

May Allah protect all of us.
Best Regards,
Dr. Hüseyin Kâmi BÜYÜKÖZER
GİMDES President
World Halal Council Patron

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