What is ahc

Our Mission

The American Halal Council (AHC) is a nonprofit charitable organization that is dedicated to promoting ethical halal lifestyle as inspired by the Quran and practiced by prophet Mohammad. AHC works on providing more transparency in the halal market through education, research and advocacy.


Our Vision

The American Halal Council works on upholding the integrity of halal to protect the halal consumers and producers through programs that promote a halal lifestyle for all Americans.



01. Strategic

Our approach to halal industry is both strategic and effective. We strive to offer services that can offer value and long term impact for our community and halal businesses.

02. Professional

We offer services that meet professional standard in the halal industry. 

03. commitment 

We are committed to offer the latest studies and information about the halal industry in the US.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

We realize the progression of halal industry includes consumers, retailers, wholesalers and distributors, exemplify the explosive growth of the halal industry across the US. We estimate these numbers to be.

More than

Halal Consumers in US

More than

Halal businesses in US

More than

Halal distributors in US


What We Do Best

identify key players


studies & research

issue reports


build relationships

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