What is ahc

The American Halal Council (AHC) is a 501C-3 nonprofit organization with EIN number 32-0617128. It was established in January 2020 and located in the U.S. Capital. AHC plays an important role of fostering and protecting a transparent halal lifestyle in the U.S. It was created by a group of individuals who recognize the need for educating halal consumers about the halal process.

We also understand the importance for advocacy to advance the representation of halal in the government and private space. In addition, there is a critical need for data on the halal market through conducting a professional halal market research.

We believe the trust in halal products and services comes through a transparent process for the consumer to understand and find answers before purchasing halal products and services.



01. our mission

The American Halal Council promotes transparency in the halal market through education, research, and advocacy to nurture an ethical halal lifestyle.

03. our vision

The American Halal Council is a leader in the halal domain that provides verification, consumer protection, and transparency in the halal market.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

We realize the progression of halal industry includes consumers, retailers, wholesalers and distributors, exemplify the explosive growth of the halal industry across the US. We estimate these numbers to be.

Estimated number of halal consumers in the  U.S.

Halal Consumers in US

Estimated number of Halal businesses in the U.S.

Halal businesses in US

Estimated number of halal distributors in the U.S.

Halal distributors in US


What We Do Best

work with key players


studies & research


write articles

educate the public

work with public and private sector

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