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The American Halal Council will be conducting US Halal Market research to shed light on halal consumption among Muslims and the general public in the U.S.

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How Will A Halal Market Research Affect You?

  • Determine the market size

  • Customers’ demographics

  • Halal product Interests

  • Spending power

  • No guessing game

What Is The Outcome For Muslims in the U.S.?

  • Positive contribution to society

  • More companies will offer halal products

  • Accessible halal products

  • Lower halal products cost

  • Create awareness in workplaces, schools, hotels, prisons and hospital

How Can You Get Involved?

Organizational level
      • Sponsor the research with AHC

      • Ask your community to support the study

      • First to get full study*

      • Join press conference panel*

Personal level:
      • Sponsor the research by donating

The following brochure illustrates the halal market research we are conducting with ISPU. It also addresses the problem, methodology, areas of study, who is included in the study and research advantages. 

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Click on image to enlarge

This research will cost $85K – 100K and will take up to 9 months of study and analysis.

We appreciate your support by donating to this important research.

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